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Custom Baths is a premiere bathroom remodeling business specializing in custom bathrooms, bathroom additions, bathroom upgrades, bathroom remodels and bathroom repairs. We can take your dreams and visions and turn them into reality. You can finally have that elegant bath or shower that you’ve always wanted.

Custom Bathrooms

Custom bathrooms can be created can be created in an existing bathroom, by increasing the space of an existing bathroom or by creating a bathroom from an existing non bathroom space.
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Bathroom Additions

Bathroom additions can be created from adjoining space and incorporated into an existing bathroom theme or the entire bathroom can be changed to an entirely different custom bathroom theme.

Bathroom Upgrades

Bathroom upgrades can be done by changing out all of the bathroom fixtures to new more modern bathroom fixtures. This process is less expensive than changing out everything and we can use our 20 years of bathroom remodeling experience to use modern bathroom fixtures that will blend in.

Custom Bathroom

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Quality You Can Afford

Quality isn’t expensive it’s priceless! Have you ever purchased something and compromised on the quality of that item because of price, only to have to make the same purchase again in a very short period of time. Because that product did not last you ended up spending a lot more in the long run. Custom Baths will give you the best of both worlds, quality materials and installation at prices you can afford. We know the best form of advertising is a satisfied customer and have spent the last 20 years establishing a reputation we can be proud of. Because of our vast array of completed bathroom remodeling projects we can give you references for every type of bathroom remodeling project you can imagine. If you can imagine it and tell us what you want or provde us with pictures of what you want we can build it for you. If you need help with ideas or the design we can help there too. We can help suggest layout and colors that will blend with your existing bathroom or do a radical redesign of the layout and colors.
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